Is something missing from your manuscript? Maybe you have too much of something else? Weird pacing? Soggy middle? Weak characters? No tension? Lack of immersion when you read it?

Well, perhaps we can be of assistance! We work directly with our authors and clients as a team. We are big on communication and ensuring we get the job done to your satisfaction. We want to be valuable assets to our authors, clients, and their projects.

For authors who have a completed (or mostly completed) manuscript and want the full treatment (Evaluation, developmental edits, line edits, copyedits, and proofreading), we offer free formatting that includes a print-ready PDF and an EPUB file.

The Full Treatment: Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Formatting

Need A LOT of help? Like, a metric ton of help? We can assist you with getting your completed (or mostly completed) manuscript into shape for self-publishing! If you plan to seek traditional publishing, we will still gladly assist you with our services, though we do primarily focus on independent authors as we feel they struggle enough. We engage in frequent communication with you through the duration of the project, providing updates and asking questions (lots and lots of questions). Unsure? Request a sample today to see what we can do for you:)

Please contact us for a quote regarding your specific material.

Copyedit & Proofread Bundle

Need to add some shine to your work? Not only will we comb your manuscript for spelling errors and the like; we will check the grammar and sentence structure as well.

Please contact us for a quote regarding your specific material.


Need a nitpicker? Clear up the spelling errors and other mistakes. Feel free to visit the proofreading page to see what this process entails:)

Proofreading price is typically fixed. However, there are outliers that require more work than the average manuscript. Please contact us for a quote regarding your specific material.

Formatting for Print and eBook

Ready to upload your manuscript onto a self-pulishing platform? We can take your text document and turn it into the file(s) you need – ePUB (for eBooks) and/or PDF (for print). With customizable options for chapter headings, fonts, page number placement, decorative chapter breaks, and much more, your story will look much more presentable and professional when you SMASH that PUBLISH button.

Other (business projects, unique jobs)

If you have a project that doesn’t fall into any specific category listed here, is of a special nature, or the pricing structure doesn’t fit, we might still be able to help. Please contact us and describe the project, and we will give you a quote or a sample. This gives you the opportunity to feel out our abilities to see if they work with you.