Proofreading! It’s a crucial final step before putting a story into the world. This service endeavors to secure proper spelling, correct usage of punctuation, identify improper or weak word choices, and a few other boring tidbits!

We approach your manuscript with fresh eyes, seeking obscure, granular problems.

The proofing phase requires a mindset unique to itself, and every proofreader differs in their process.

In the proofing phase, we will move character-by-character, even space-by-space, looking for typos and inconsistencies.

For example, are paragraph indentations and line spacings uniform?

Are titles and terms capitalized consistently?

Are there homonyms: words that sound the same but are spelled differently throughout? This process ensures such words are used correctly.

Good proofing requires an eagle eye for detail and extreme patience. If you have a deadline, you might want to block out some time for this phase.

Contact us if you are interested in proofreading services.