About Us

Not in Vain Editing (formerly known as holymell edits) is comprised of the dynamic-duo Melissa Carmean and Eric Ogg. We are members of the Editorial Freelancers Association; you can check out our profiles in the links below! Utilizing each of our unique life and career experiences, we’ve created a sort of mom-and-pop shop when it comes to assisting authors with their stories and manuscripts. With us, you won’t get a soulless transaction. We personally engage with everyone we work with while helping them bring out the best in their stories.

Melissa Carmean


I live in Indiana with my husband and our three cats. Let’s see … I play the upright bass (poorly) and I love the Green Bay Packers.

I am also a writer! I understand the work, blood, sweat, and (especially) tears that goes into crafting a manuscript. I have a healthy respect for those who have the courage to share their work, and that respect translates into a caring and personal service for all of my authors.

Relevant information to the job I want you to hire me for? Sure! I’ve been editing for over eleven years, and I’ve been writing for over twenty-five years. I’ve worked with such a wide variety of pieces, and I love the ones that scream; “I’m odd! I’m fun!” Are you eccentric? Does your work reflect that? I’m in. I dig it. I’ve ghostwritten some … interesting stories myself and have loved every moment of it. My strengths lie in identifying and developing themes, characters, characteristics, plot holes, pacing issues, lack of stakes, stale dialogue, improper dialogue, helping the author with emotional and sensory details, and more. It’s easier for me to show you what I do than to explain it. If you would like to see, send me a sample to work on!

Live long and prosper!

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile, my EFA profile, or email me directly!

Eric Ogg

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site!

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Indiana when I was three years old… raised a Hoosier!

Consistently excelling in English and creative writing, I’ve been somewhat of a word / grammar / story dork since I was a kid.

I love a great story, no matter the medium. I enjoy gaming–I’m one of those players who seeks out single-player games with well-written characters/dialogue/storylines.

Before providing editing services, I was in corporate leadership – I managed a team that performed quality control on instruments. That experience helped me develop and hone skills in project/time management, communication, teamwork; I also strive for efficiency and operate with meticulous attention to detail.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile, my EFA profile, or email me directly!