Manuscript Evaluation and Beta Reading

After completing a first draft, it’s a good idea for an author to get an unbiased party to look at and evaluate their work.

We will read your complete submission word-for-word for the first time and try to assess its attributes and potential pitfalls. Zero manuscripts arrive in pristine, spot-on conditions, and that’s fine. That’s why we’re here!

The evaluation/beta read helps determine how to best move forward with the project, creating a roadmap. This process provides insight regarding which specific type(s) of editing (developmental, line editing, copy editing) you’ll benefit from the most.

Typically we will do some markups on a copy of the manuscript, and create chapter or section summaries. Communication is key, so we will pose questions to you regarding the desired direction of certain plot threads, characters, themes, and so forth.

Contact us if you are solely interested in a manuscript evaluation or beta read.