Line Editing

Here, we examine the prose style for consistency throughout your work. We will offer advice on how flow and sentence structure will impact the narrative tone you want to achieve.

We will read through your manuscript sentence-by- sentence, line-by-line to examine your prose style and make it consistent throughout. 

This phase ensures your creative content is the most savvy, readable text possible.

We consider sentence structure for readability, clarity, and consistent voice.

For example, is the language precise, specific, and free of clichés?

Is the phrasing awkward or wordy?

Do the sentences fit together and flow naturally from one to the next?

In short, if you have clunky sentences, we’ll detangle them.

A good line edit involves lots of subjective interpretation of prose style.

We will work with you directly to address specific questions or problems.

We can show you how your word choice, word flow and sentence structure contribute to the tone and emotion you want to achieve.

This is a step that often intertwines with the copyedit. You’ll get both together.

Contact us if you are interested in receiving a line edit. Send us your stuff, and we’ll provide a free sample. Unless the piece isn’t for us. We will let you know that and provide recommendations if we can. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we’re honest with our clients. Your story’s evolution is imperative to us, and we take that seriously. If we’re not the best fit and we know that, you will as well:)