Having a formatter (with formatting software) in your corner is an advantage: At the end of the process, you will have a professional and clean-looking book ready for distribution.

For self-publishing authors, the two most important files to have are a PDF (file used to create printed books) and/or an EPUB (file used to create eBooks).

Once an author has these files, the author can upload them to the self-publishing platform(s) of their choice. There are lots of great platforms for authors out there. If you have a PDF and an EPUB file ready to go, things will be much easier!

You will be able to customize (or if you don’t want any part of that, we’re happy to offer our own input on stylistic decisions):

  • Font of text (For printed books. Font in eBooks depends on the app or readers’ settings)
  • Styles for chapter introductions
  • Chapter headings
  • Chapter break images
  • Headers (For printed books. Header style in eBooks depend on the reader’s app.)
  • Footers (For printed books. Footer style in eBooks depend on the reader’s app.)

We offer several revisions free of charge so that we can ensure your happiness with the end result. Your book will look clean, professional, and will be the best reflection of what’s between the covers.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!