Developmental Editing

Manuscripts (especially first drafts) benefit from having an editor perform a structural inspection of the story. Is there a distinct beginning, middle, and end of the story? Are your chapters and plot points arranged and paced in a way that moves the story forward? Do your characters interact with themselves, other characters, and their environment in a manner that is believable and consistent with the world? Are all the subplots and plot threads tied into a neat bow by the end of the story?

These are just some examples of things we look for during a developmental edit. It’s the foundation of building or telling a story.

We will look at the big picture arc of your project and ask: How could this story evolve into a more complete and unified telling?

This is where, potentially, your manuscript may change the most.

No other level of editing will affect the final product and reader enjoyment as dramatically as a developmental edit. Correcting structural issues before any other editing begins is in the best interest of the story.

We’ll point out potential issues. You’ll have the final say in changes.

Contact us if you are interested in a developmental edit. These are a bit harder to provide free sample edits for, but we still do!