Exposition: Not Even Once

We all do it. Exposition. Let us stop. It’s not the easiest thing not to do, in any case. If you’re writing your first draft, you may want to skip this post, but revisit it when you’re revising. At the same time, if you’re dedicated to writing a great first draft, please proceed! It’s neverContinue reading “Exposition: Not Even Once”

How to Convey Unspoken Dialogue in Your Fiction Novel!

This will be a short entry. I just want to rant about this for a moment. Yes, The Chicago Manual of Style has a sort of shitty recommendation for this. It basically says that you can “use quotes or not” depending on “the author’s preference”. While I appreciate and admire the author’s preferences, if it’sContinue reading “How to Convey Unspoken Dialogue in Your Fiction Novel!”