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PREY 2017, Likes and Dislikes

This type of expositional world-building continues throughout the game, as you have the option to read very short articles, brief accounts of different characters, and emails, or (often listen to) other communications. Not dissimilar from the books and tomes your character can read in Skyrim (albeit, much shorter in word count). Much of this exposition is optional, but they help with immersion into the fictional world.

Exposition: Not Even Once

We all do it. Exposition. Let us stop. It’s not the easiest thing not to do, in any case. If you’re writing your first draft, you may want to skip this post, but revisit it when you’re revising. At the same time, if you’re dedicated to writing a great first draft, please proceed! It’s neverContinue reading “Exposition: Not Even Once”

Say More by Writing Less! (AKA; clean up your awkward phrasing and clunky sentences.)

Have you ever read your work and thought to yourself: This isn’t right? This reads terribly. The flow’s off and the sentences are bulky. Well, there is a solution. Now, before you beat yourself up about having so many bulky sentences—let me tell you; all of us do it. Every writer on the planet writesContinue reading “Say More by Writing Less! (AKA; clean up your awkward phrasing and clunky sentences.)”


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