My Freelance Content Editing Experience (so far).

I don’t know why I thought it was appropriate to write about this, and I have no idea whether you’ll find it interesting or not, but I figured I might as well document my experiences. I may also update this post as time goes on. I’ve been content editing off and on for about sixContinue reading “My Freelance Content Editing Experience (so far).”

Are you a writer who knows some big words?

Do you Know Some Big Words? Do you possess, in your linguistic arsenal, a bountiful supply of ostentatious colloquialisms and a general amount of superior verbiage? Awesome! Keep them out of your book! I could write a whole other post about House of Leaves, which should be subtitled: ‘Look how smaaaaaaaaart I am!’ but I’llContinue reading “Are you a writer who knows some big words?”

How to Avoid Writing a Terrible Main Character

TLDR: Be able to see things from many perspectives, not just your own. It’s time! You’ve finally sat down to write that Great American Novel that’s been swishing around your noggin for the past decade? Great! Do it. Write it. Anyone who has ever read anything about first drafts will have heard this general ideaContinue reading “How to Avoid Writing a Terrible Main Character”